Via San Lino, 26 56048 Volterra (PI)


Volterra Hotel San Lino ★★★★

Hotel Volterra Center

Santa Maria Maddalena Conference Centre

The Conference Centre, situated in the heart of Volterra, is just 150 metres from the San Lino Hotel.

The Conference Centre is fully equipped with the appropriate technology to host any conference:

• Fixed and mobile amplification systems
• Multi-scan video projectors
• Closed circuit TV
• Cameras and Telecinema
• Overhead projectors
• Video recording systems
• Projection screens
• Luminous boards
• Sala di Regia
• Fixed and mobile simultaneous translation booths
• Reception facilities
• Pressroom
• Room for photocopies
• Typing room
• General conditioning plant
• Fire and fire detection system
• Anti-intrusion system
• Static rescuer