Eleventh edition of Liburna Terra and First Liburna Historical Terra Automotive Rally – 05/06 April 2019

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Rally Liburna 2019


From 5 to 6 April 2019 from Peccioli (PI) to Volterra (PI) in the main square Piazza dei Priori wiil be held the eleventh edition of the Liburna Terra Rally and the first edition of the Liburna Terra Historical rally, all the information here:

A new challenge, therefore, that the Scuderia Livorno Rally organizing team in collaboration with Scuderia Livorno Corse e Toscana Sport has set up and is nearing completion thse days. The race, ore rather the raaces, because they will be the classic Liburna Terra, now is in its eleventh edition, which, for the first time, will be joined by the 1st Liburna Terra Storica, reserved for honorary cars, will be held on 5 and 6 April next with the epicenter of Volterra and its immense and fascinating area.

The arrival in Piazza dei Priori favors a suggestive choreography at the event.

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