Pilgrims Feast September 2nd 2017

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Modern Day Pilgrims walk the Via Francigena

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Many people who appreciate Tuscany will also be aware of the Via Francigena, a Medieval route that passes from Canterbury England to Rome Italy. The total length of which is of no small consideration, especially when walking it! (Circa 2000km.) If one cares to pause and consider, this distance is near to walking down the whole length of the Italian peninsula, and then back up to the top again!

The Via Francigena was walked and logged c.990 AD by Sigeric the Serious, Archbishop of Canterbury. (Sigerico il Serio.)  The original record of his passage along this route, is now held in The British Library. The Tuscan section alone hosts 400km, and many people walk parts of this route during their holidays.

On September 2nd for the first time, within our knowledge of local history, we will be receiving  in Volterra two young English ‘Pilgrims’ who, having departed from Canterbury on the 18th. May 2017,  are walking the COMPLETE length of  the Via Francigena!

Much to our delight, they have decided to step off this famous route for a couple of nights to visit our wonderful Medieval Volterra, and the place where San Lino was born c. A.D.10, before resuming the journey, and  finally arriving in Rome to complete their walking pilgrimage.

As many of our regular guests will appreciate, HOTEL SAN LINO has a rather unique historical narrative. Not only its origins as a convent ( Sisters of St. Clare), but as a convent adjoining the birthplace of SAN LINUS (SAN LINO) who, chosen by the first apostle St Peter, became the Second Vicar of Christ, eventually styled Pope.

Legend tells us that St Peter quite possibly passed through Volterra, with the local protection of San Lino’s family. Perhaps he briefly rested here, favouring an inland pathway to Rome, thereby avoiding the attention of the Roman garrisons along the more direct coastal route.

As an accolade, and to recognise the great achievement of these two modern day English Pilgrims, we will be hosting them, along with our friends and guests, by special invitation. This is being organised as a surprise to recognize the significance of their efforts, and for including Volterra as part of their itinerary.

We invite guests, staying with us on September 2nd, to join us on that evening  for a unique celebration. Initially, at 18:00 hours in the famous 15th. century Church of San Lino, adjoining our hotel.

(The bust of San Lino by Andrea Della Robbia can now be viewed in the Museum of Sacred Art, Piazza XX Settembre Volterra.)

The Evening Mass will include a special benediction for their pilgrimage.

After Mass, to compliment this unique occasion, we are delighted to be providing and participating in a celebratory evening dinner. The menu, created especially for the occasion, will be delicious and Tuscan at an exclusive rate of €25.00 with wine/water and coffee included.

Menu details from reception, on request.

GUEST INCLUSION: Bookings for the evening dinner must be confirmed no later than Friday September 1st.