Hotel San Lino

Hotel San Lino was originally built as a convent in 1480 and remained as such until 1982 when it became an hotel. The building maintains a certain mystic aspect of its original “life” thanks to specialized renovations that enhance its historic charm whilst introducing necessary modern day comforts.

L'Hotel San Lino. Hotel Volterra. It is located in the inner of the Medieval city walls of Volterra, it was constructed out of an old cloistered convent, whose building dates back to 1480.

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The rooms facing the Via San Lino street offer guests a view of one of the most beautiful medieval streets, the passing of historical processions and the much acclaimed “Flag Throwers” of Volterra as they parade along the street.
The rooms located on the internal side of the hotel offer a view of the small garden, where the dominating colours are the blue of the swimming pool and the multi coloured rays of the stained glass window belonging to the tiny church of San Lino.
Thanks to its central but quiet location, Hotel San Lino is the ideal place for those who wish to experience the tranquillity of an age gone by or to discover the architectural and natural beauty of one of the most ancient cities in Italy.

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